Looking Forward To Exceeding Your Expectations

Jaren Riley

     Jaren has been working with HH Audio Since 2014. "In all my years of DJing, I have never had the pleasure of working with someone who was more motivated and passionate about the craft.  He has an undying need to learn and wants to know every aspect of the world of DJing.  He pushes his passion on to every person he works with. His ultimate goal is to make your party better and more exciting than you could have ever dreamed."  - Tim

Jason Beckring
 Jason has always had, what might be considered, a bit of an obsession with music. Most of his life Jason has either been learning a new instrument or mastering one he’s already learned. His passions lead him to have a huge music collection, not to mention the equipment itself. In 2010, he decided to put them to good use; he started his own DJ Company. With Speakerboxx Entertainment, he gained years of experience doing many Weddings, Private Parties, and, of course, Bars. Jason joined HH Audio in 2013 and has been rockin’ ever since. 

Tim Warren (DJ Double H) Owner/Operator

     Tim began DJ'ing in 1988 for Joyce Warren (Slappers Country & Western Dance Club) on a weekly basis.  His first professional DJ experience started in 1994 when hired as one of the house DJ's for The Silver Moon in Collinsville, IL.  When "The Silver Moon" closed, Tim was hired by CT Productions as a roadie where he remained until the Opening of Wild Country  where he was, once again, hired as one of the house DJ's.  While still DJ'ing at Wild Country, in 1996, Tim was hired by Pete's DJ Svc. With Pete's DJ Svc, Tim worked his way up from roadie, to DJ Assisstant, to DJ, to manager, to, in 2006, Owner.  With Pete Hoffman's retirement from the DJ community, HH Audio DJ Svc was born.  In all of his years of DJ experience he has mastered the ability to play to any type of crowd in any type of venue.  He has DJ'ed and MC'ed for just about every type of event you can think of.  Having nearly 2,000 weddings under his belt, weddings have definitely become a specialty of his.  With his undying passion for the business, along with his great appreciation for each and every customer, he demands nothing short of perfection from himself and anyone he hires as representatives of HH Audio DJ Service as a whole.

Stephanie Hall (DJ Double D) Manager

     Stephanie has been DJ'ing since 2007.  She began her DJ career working at Attitudes Night Club, where she remained the house DJ for 4 years, doing everything from DJ'ing club or hip-hop nights to running drag shows.  During that time she DJ'ed, not only for the club, but did many special events for Pride Stl and the LGBT community in general.  In 2010, as acting entertainment coordinator for Attitudes, she hired HH Audio DJ Svc to do karaoke.  So, in 2011 she saw and took the opportunity to expand her skill-set and began working with HH Audio.  Since then she has been DJ'ing for such a range of venues and events, that it has allowed her to make a full-time career of it. 

Mike Gray (DJ Mike)

     Mike has been in the world of DJ'ing since 1997 when he worked as a roadie for DJ Profit for about a year and a half.  Since then he began Dj'ing himself with several companies, including Gither Productions, Party Time Sounds Inc., and many more. He has DJ'ed all over the country, in every aspect from clubs, to karaoke, to private parties.  Weddings have become a specialty of Mike's, and to date, has done over 400.

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